July 3, 2024

Transform your SEO with SEO Stack

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how SEO Stack can revolutionise your approach to search engine optimisation, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that drive real results.

Transform your SEO with SEO Stack

Experience the Power of Data-Driven Decisions

Welcome to SEO Stack, the ultimate search console data tool for transforming your SEO and digital marketing strategy. 

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how SEO Stack can revolutionise your approach to search engine optimisation, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that drive real results. 

Unleash the full potential of your Google Search Console data.

SEO Stack offers unrestricted access to your Google Search Console data, providing a seamless way to import a website and get the last 16 months' worth of data. 

SEO Stack offers unrestricted access to your Google Search Console data, providing a seamless way to import a website and get the last 16 months' worth of data. 

Once you've added your website, we will append another day of data on top every day from then on. This means that every month you have SEO Stack under a subscription, we will add another month's worth of data.

What does that mean? 

Unlike standard GSC, which limits you to the last 16 months of data, SEO Stack allows you to view historical data that spans years. 

Imagine the power of limitless data guiding your strategy!

Picture this: After you've added your website with the last 16 months of data, if you have an SEO stack for one year, you will have 16 months plus 12 months, which will give you 28 months of Search Console data. 

With continuous data updates, you'll have an ever-growing repository of insights at your fingertips. This will enable you to track and optimise your SEO efforts over time and make more informed decisions based on a complete picture of your website's performance. This long-term view will help you identify trends, understand seasonal fluctuations, and make strategic adjustments that lead to sustained growth.

Did we mention we can store the data for up to five years?

Experience features beyond Google Search Console

SEO Stack introduces advanced functionalities that go beyond what Google Search Console offers. You get all the usual Search Console features, but with SEO Stack, enjoy the ability to apply multiple, layered filters simultaneously, enabling precise data segmentation and analysis. 

Whether you're looking at queries, pages, or regex filters, with SEO Stack, you can layer up as many filters as you like, providing unparalleled flexibility and depth.

Effortless pre-filters and customisations

Our pre-filters simplify the process of narrowing down your data, automatically applying regex for you. With customisable pre-filters and the ability to filter charts by click volume or impressions, you'll have an efficient workflow that saves time and enhances accuracy.

What are pre-filters?

Pre-filters are predefined criteria that automatically apply complex filtering to your data. For example, you might want to see only indexed pages or those that have received a certain number of clicks. SEO Stack's pre-filters allow you to do this with a single click, streamlining your workflow and getting you quickly to the most relevant data.

Stay ahead with real-time Google core updates

Google's core updates can significantly impact your website's ranking. One unfortunate update can wipe your website off the face of the internet. 

SEO Stack keeps you informed with real-time updates on Google core algorithm changes. Our expert insights and analysis videos provide actionable advice, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve, so you can quickly adapt your strategies to mitigate any negative impacts or capitalise on positive changes. 

Export data without limits

Break free from export limitations with SEO Stack's advanced export functionality. Traditional GSC limits you to exporting 1,000 rows at a time, which can be restrictive for large websites. SEO Stack removes this limitation, allowing you to bypass all the limitations on query exports or page exports and export all your data simultaneously. 

Export as many pages as you want in one go, with options to save data as CSV or PDF, empowering you to work with extensive datasets effortlessly.

This feature is particularly useful for comprehensive reporting, deep-dive analyses, and sharing detailed insights with stakeholders.

Customise your data views

Tailor your data visualisation experience with customisable views, including day and month perspectives, zoom, and full-screen options. Interact with your data the way you like, making analysis intuitive and effective.

Why customisable views are helpful

Different analyses require different perspectives. Sometimes, you need a granular day-by-day view; other times, a broader month-by-month overview is more useful. SEO Stack's customisable views let you switch seamlessly between these perspectives, helping you uncover insights that might be missed with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Revolutionise your workflow with annotations

Our unique annotation system sets SEO Stack apart. Annotations allow you to keep a detailed record of all the changes made to your website. 

Document your SEO activities, upload media, and track changes with precision. You can track when you did something, who did it, and what changes you made. Our AI-driven insights then compare pre- and post-change data, ensuring you understand the impact of your efforts. And if you click the ‘email me’ button, you’ll be notified instantly about any significant changes after the annotation date. 

This is invaluable for understanding the impact of specific actions, such as content updates or link-building efforts. By comparing performance before and after changes, you can fine-tune your strategies for maximum effectiveness.

Smart data points for in-depth analysis

Unlike other SEO tools, SEO Stack leverages smart data points (advanced metrics that provide deeper insights into your SEO performance) to assess the effectiveness of your changes—whether they’ve had a negative or positive correlation. 

Instead of just looking at surface-level data like clicks and impressions, SEO Stack examines query intent (what users are actually searching for), query volume (how often these searches occur), and position trajectory (how your rankings change over time), as well as gained queries and more to gain a holistic view of your SEO performance.

This comprehensive approach helps you understand not just what is happening, but why it is happening.

(We’re also about to roll out GA4 integration, so you can add an annotation that will track content-level engagement, which is essential for things like Google helpful content updates.)

Comprehensive query and page insights

With SEO Stack you gain unrestricted access to all your queries and pages, complete with HTTP status updates and GA4 integration. Track performance across different countries, devices, and dates, and confidently make data-driven decisions.

Having detailed insights into queries and pages means you can tailor your SEO efforts to target the most valuable keywords and optimise the most critical pages. By understanding which queries bring the most traffic and which pages perform best, you can prioritise your efforts for maximum impact.

Stay notified with AI-powered alerts

Receive real-time, AI-powered alert notifications about the impact of your SEO changes. Your notifications are generated by sophisticated algorithms that continuously monitor your website's performance. If a significant change is detected—whether it's a sudden drop in traffic or an unexpected spike—you'll receive an alert, keeping you informed and proactive. 

You’ll get a notification on your dashboard, and via email.

Monitor author contributions with ease

Track the progress of work by individual authors or team members. Our author dashboard provides a clear view of annotations and performance, helping you manage projects efficiently.

In a collaborative environment, it's essential to know who is contributing what and how those contributions impact overall performance. SEO Stack's author tracking feature gives you transparency into each team member's work, allowing you to identify top performers and areas needing improvement.

Advanced comparison and trend analysis

Compare Search Console data over preset periods, overlaying algorithm updates and annotations for a comprehensive view. By comparing data over different periods and overlaying key events like algorithm updates, you can see how changes in the SEO landscape affect your site. This insight is critical for making data-driven decisions that align with evolving search engine behaviours.

Our trend analysis features can help you understand the long-term performance of your website, identify trends and make informed decisions. Plus, because you can export all of the data - your queries and pages, this is effectively an instant click gap. 

Visualise and understand your data with powerful tools

Data visualisation makes complex data sets easier to understand and act upon. 

From URL and query row counting tools (which basically allow you to visualise the weighting of pages within your website) to query intent analysis, SEO Stack offers a suite of tools that transform raw data into actionable insights into your website's performance. Visualising how queries and pages perform over time allows you to identify trends, spot issues early, and capitalise on new opportunities.

What does that look like in action? 

Say you create content and publish it; that content will typically be indexed depending on its quality and value. Our powerful tools allow you to look at the total volume of queries your new page is served for. This helps you better understand the trajectory of your content well before it generates any clicks. 

You can also use this inversely to see if the page starts to deteriorate before it actually starts to lose clicks. This gives you a 100% accurate view of how many queries a page is being served for, unlike third-party projection tools, which only scrape a small portion of the true volume of queries that exist. 

Discover and optimise your content strategy with real-time tools

Real-time tools keep your SEO strategy agile and responsive. With real-time auditing, you can continually assess and optimise your content, ensuring it meets current best practices and search engine requirements. 

Our real-time content auditing and weak/dead URL discovery tools help you identify and address underperforming pages, and ensure your content strategy is always on point. Use the AI content auditor to generate actionable briefs and further improve your content's effectiveness.

Leverage AI for smarter SEO

AI is transforming SEO. 

With real-time AI chat functionality and a robust prompt library, SEO Stack's AI tools help you generate structured data, understand complex data sets, audit content, predict trends, create effective strategies, and make informed decisions quickly.

A future of continuous improvement

As we roll out new features like rank intelligence tools, AI competitor auditing tools, page indexing, core web vitals, and search appearance, SEO Stack will continue to evolve, providing you with the tools you need to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of SEO.

Join the SEO revolution

SEO Stack is more than just a tool; it's your partner in achieving SEO success.

It’s designed to adapt, providing you with the latest features and insights to keep your strategies relevant and effective. By integrating advanced data analytics, AI-driven insights, and a suite of powerful tools, SEO Stack positions you at the forefront of the SEO revolution.

Start your journey with SEO Stack today and experience the transformative power of data-driven SEO. With SEO Stack, the future of your digital marketing strategy is bright, precise, and impactful.

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