Click Gap Analysis

Find Content that Lost / Gained Clicks in Seconds

SEO stack offers a 1 click functionality to generate click gaps for your entire domain. Choose a comparison timeframe and export in seconds. Unlike search console - SEO stack doesn't limit you to the top 1000 queries.

SEO stack will give you click and performance trends for EVERY QUERY/PAGE on your domain.
Find pages / queries that lost clicks in seconds!
Build FULL click gaps in seconds
Take action against URLS that lost clicks/queries


Find URLS/queries on your website that have lost traffic in seconds! One click exports allow you to quickly export out URLS that have been losing clicks.

Send the URLS to the AI content auditor to better understand why clicks were lost.

Implement fixes and use the AI annotation tracking to monitor recovery/click gain.

Save time, save money - find decaying URLS in seconds!


Choose a comparison timeframe and see page/query changes. Access EVERY query/page with no limits. One click export makes data access much quicker + easier.

See Every Loss & Gain in Seconds

SEO stack gives you ALL of your data - so when it comes to clicks lost/gained - we can show you where those losses/gains came from. We provide FULL click gaps for queries and pages for your ENTIRE DOMAIN and not just the top 1000 rows like Google search console.
Alongside 1 click exports, we offer you the ability to view trends + independent query/page performance over time.

Save hours, export URLS suffering losses + use SEO stack to help drive recovery.