AI Smart Annotations

Understand if your changes are helping your SEO campaign

Stop guessing as to whether or not the changes you make to pages on your site are having the desired effect. Simply log the work you are doing effortlessly and wait for SEO stack to give you insights into what is and isn't working.
Intelligent AI Driven Annotations System
Achieve better results by knowing what's working and what's not
Achieve stronger organic growth + ROI


Save hundreds/thousands of hours in lost productivity trying to understand what is and isn't working. Traditional SEO takes more time! We use AI + big data (your data) to understand signals, position + click trend changes.

Because SEO stack has EVERY bit of data on EVERY URL on your domain - our AI has a full dataset to analyse.


Acheive more, faster! Stop second guessing website changes.


SEO Stack's smart AI system will provide detail into your annotations and impact.


Access team and annotation reporting to better understand who's doing what + overall team performance.


Significantly improve productivity by repeating what works and not what doesn't.

Track Impact Over Time

SEO stack makes it effortless to see how your work / changes impacted performance over time. Interact with annotations, understand what helped drive growth, had no impact or demonstrated a negative impact.

Significantly improve SEO outcomes with smart data led analysis + recommendations.
Stop Guessing, Save Time
One of the biggest challenges faced by SEOs involves analysing the outcome of change implementation. Busy campaigns often means lots of things going on from dev to content changes, links to digital PR - it can be a daunting prospect trying to undertstand WHICH efforts are having the most impact.

SEO stack was built to do just that - take the guess out of guess work.