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Answers to commonly asked questions.
Can we see/access your search console data?
The answer to this is NO. We understand the sensitive nature with search console data as well as some businesses reluctance to use third party tools that get that data.

Whilst we DO store your data, we encrypt all data. Our data policies cover how we get and store your data.

At no point do we have access to your search console data, we do not access & do not divulge/share any information with any third parties.

Your data is private to you.

We care about data privacy!

Where do you store our data & how do you protect it?
We use a compartmentalised approach to storing your data, ensuring that data is chunked is a non identifiable way externally - this gives you an added level of data protection.

We use enterprise hosting solutions with providers including Digital Ocean + Vertex.

Your data is encrypted and is transferred over a secure connection.
What happens if we cancel our account? do you keep the data?
We retain your account data for up to 30 days in case you wish to undo account termination. We offer the option of same-day data deletion if you choose to stop using SEO stack indefinitely.

Third party data such as NLP briefs however may remain for longer - but, all core search console data, annotations and other data will be removed/destroyed.

Does SEO Stack allow me to see historic search console data?
Yes! SEO stack imports the last 16 months of data once you add a webite. Every day from the first day you add a site, we retain all 16 months of data & append a new days of data each day.

This means if you were to import a website and get 16 months of data, a year later SEO stack would have 28 months of search console data for the sites you import.

SEO stack allows you to store up to an over 5 years worth of Google search console data!

ALL of your search console data remains intact, we get EVERY query, page, click, impression, CTR, device etc.
Can we access beyond the 1000 Row Limits for Keywords, Pages etc?
Yes you can! In fact you can access EVERY QUERY / EVER PAGE within the interface exactly as you would within Google Search Console. There's unlimited data at your fingertips.

Not only do we give you the ability to interact with EVERY query / page, but, we also offer advanced filtering, lazy search and more!

SEO stack offers you ALL of your data in a familiar interface.
Do we have the ability to filter data like we do in search console?
Yes! except SEO stack gives you FAR MORE CONTROL over filtering and exporting.

SEO stack supports query contains / not contains / exact query / regex (RE2).

SEO stack supports LAYERED FILTERING! which means you can add multiple filters together at the same time i.e. you could do:


All at the same time!
We wanted to create amazing tools!
With AI disrupting the world - we wanted a piece of the action. So, we thought if we have ALL of a websites data why not take that and use it within tools to help SEOs get more done faster!

And that's what we did - we built a suite of SEO tools into SEO stack from search console with AI annotations through to query counting tools, click projection, keyword clouds, nlp tools, content auditor and more!

SEO stack is a suite of SEO tools designed to help with everything from analysis through to implementation.
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